Private investigator goes viral

I am so excited for my client Jim Rathmann! Jim, who came to my studio for headshots in January 2020, premiered a true crime television broadcast mini series on Discovery's ID. His show, Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies, and Cover-up , investigates the 1997 disappearance of Carole Baskin's millionaire husband Don Lewis.

Authorities regained interest in Carole Baskin and Don Lewis's story due to the wildly popular Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. When Jim watched the documentary, he was immediately intrigued by the subplot involving Carole and felt great sympathy for Don's children and first wife who had strong suspicions of foul play by Carole.

Jim has gained international recognition for his investigative work and is currently working with television producers on more projects. From my personal experience, Jim is a genuinely kind person and cool guy. Some of his talents include being a former LSU football star, U.S. Army vet, coach and mentor, and endearing family man. I especially loved learning that he served as a U.S. Secret Service Agent for President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their families, plus numerous other important political and public figures.

True Crime Investigator Jim Rathmann

Portrait by Miriphoto

Man of many talents and hero to all who know him

Portrait by Miriphoto

Jim is working with television producers to creat more investigation programs.

Portrait by Miriphoto